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Tagged by :iconideya-freak: for some lesser known personal insight of the moment.

1. Must post all rules!
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3. Answer 13 questions given to you and then come up with 13 of your own.
4. Literally tag 13 people. 
5. You can't say you don't do tags. 
6. Tag backs are allowed.
7. You must make a journal entry.
8. Must be done in a week or you must listen to whatever the tagger says.
9. Be creative with the title

13 Things About Me:
1)  I learned how to knit in elementary school, along with everyone in my class at the time.  However, I was never officially taught how to finish up knitting anything in class, so I had to look it up on my own within the past decade when I retried knitting for the heck of it.
2)  I had taken piano lessons for 14 years straight, but I never was able to play strictly by looking at the sheet music; I'd have to nearly memorize a song before I'd feel comfortable enough to play through it, with the sheet music acting as a reminder.
3)  The first video game system I played on my own was the original chunky green-screened Gameboy, with my favorite game for it having been Kirby's Dreamland.
4)  I think that insects are generally fascinating, with mantises being some of the most aesthetically pleasing bugs to me.
5)  My tongue is extremely sensitive, to the point where it burns even with mild hot sauce or warm enough temperatures, plus certain types of textures or tastes will prevent me from eating entirely.
6)  I'm near-sighted, but I only wear my glasses when I seriously need to see distance, such as in a car or watching a movie.
7)  My dreams are often in 3rd person perspective, such as watching a movie, so I may not even be present in it.
8)  If you're familiar with the anime/manga series Haikyu, Asahi reminds me a great deal of myself personality-wise, especially early on in the story.
9)  My writing style for original stories tends to be on the lightly surreal, deadpan humor side of things, which most of my college teachers disliked.  Some even graded me down for it.
10)  It may sound corny, but nearly every one of my original characters represents some aspect I recognize in myself.
11)  Back when I used to play some online games somewhat regularly, I'd base my avatar around my character Icelus if it was doable.
12)  Although I have a definite Californian accent, which even has been confirmed through an accent checker site, I've had more than a couple instances of people asking if I was from another state because they thought my accent wasn't what it is.
13)  If I'm going to lose major active interest in a series/game, it'll usually happen within 5-6 months.  If I'm still really into something after 6 months has passed, then I'm in it for the long run, haha.

13 Questions From Ideya-Freak:
1) What is your favorite song?
This is a tough one because I have a long list of favorites, haha.  For simplification, I'll admit that one of my old top favorites is "The Fool On The Hill" by the Beatles.

2) Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?
Definitely an introvert.

3) What is your current creative project?
I'm currently attempting an animation test run to see if I'm actually capable of doing it now, even if just for something short.  It's been over a decade since I last made a serious attempt, but I've been really inspired by lots of fanmade animations lately and would like to put that inspiration to good use.

4) Favorite quote from anything ever?
One that sticks with me at the moment is one from Welcome to Night Vale:  "Be proud of your place in the cosmos.  It is small, and yet it is."

5) Do you collect anything?
If there's a character I'm extremely fond of, I'm prone to having a little collection if merchandise is available, haha.  I'd say that I currently semi-actively collect certain types of items for specific Pokemon, considering my favorite ones don't get much merchandise these days.

6) How do you feel about zombies?
Zombies don't really appeal to me, which I think has to do with the usual way they're treated/portrayed in stories.  Monster stories should be interesting, not uncreative and boring.  More often than not, it feels like zombies are there for the sake of plot points or target practice.

7) Have you ever been to a convention (anime, gaming, etc)?
I used attend a semi-nearby anime convention once a year for maybe a dozen years.  It hasn't been possible to attend it for the past couple years due to many factors, though.

8) What is your favorite genre of video game? IF you don't play, favorite genre of movie?
I tend to gravitate to RPGs most of the time, haha.

9) Name nine of your favorite things.
Enjoying a chocolate milkshake, having my hair brushed or braided by someone I trust, listening to fire crackling in a fireplace, teamwork succeeding, playing with puzzles, petting cats, hearing blackbirds chirp and warble, brainstorming story ideas, and getting cozy in warm blankets on a chilly night.

10) What was the first anime you watched/remember?
Technically, it'd be the two Unico movies, although I watched them when I was very little and didn't now about anime at the time.

11) What was one of the nicest compliments you have received?
That I inspired someone enough for them to feel like their life changed for the better.

12) What is your favorite aspect of art?
You can see a piece of the artist's soul in their work, especially when they have a fun time creating it, haha.

13) What is your all time favorite character??
Yet another tough question!  Some of my top favorites would be Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Kirei Kotomine from Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night.  Special note for my fondness of the main cast of imagni's comic Engelbaum.  :heart:

13 Questions for Those Tagged Below:
1)  What is your favorite music genre/s?
2)  Is there a character you feel very similar to?
3)  What was the first art media that you enjoyed using the most?
4)  Sunrise or sunset?
5)  Favorite beverage?
6)  Which comes more naturally for you: creating an original character before any story ideas, or brainstorming a story outline before finalizing characters for it?
7)  All time favorite superhero?
8)  Regardless of your Pokemon knowledge, what kind of Pokemon would you love to see someday?
9)  If you could magically create any kind of video game to play, what sort of game would it be?
10)  What is your favorite mythological creature?
11)  Is there a specific soundtrack that you're really fond of?
12)  Of all your original characters, which is the oldest one that's still active?  (i.e. one you haven't abandoned/forgotten them)
13)  Favorite final boss battle in a video game?  (If you don't play video games, then what final showdown in a movie?)

:icongirasols-reflection: :iconbrassgiraffe: :iconparanoidemily: :iconimagni: :iconniraven: :iconminila: :iconpuppyluver: :iconstarlytenightmaren: :iconryuukashou: :iconkitsuneredwolf: :iconkseniya-sova: :iconumbrenox: :iconazispaz:
*Keep in mind that if I tag you, all of this is still optional~!


United States
Tagami: artist, fan of various characters and series, and creator of many strange things~!

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